Delicious to yuck in one lick

Mom called with a list of groceries they needed. So late afternoon my husband and I went grocery shopping for mom and dad. I called dad to say we were delivering their groceries and hinted we would be staying for supper. Dad just chuckled and said, “No problem.” Dad likes to cook. During these days of retirement, feeding his family is one of the ways he shows his love.

We got to the family farmhouse and dad was already preparing spaghetti sauce. We put away the groceries and mom got out the 3 player cribbage board. As mom, my husband and I played a game, dad prepared the meal as we all shared the latest happenings.

Hamburger, Ragu spaghetti sauce over vermicelli pasta noodles with parmesean cheese and garlic bread, it was delicious. We asked, why does food always taste better at my parents’ house?

“Save room for apple pie,” I said as I cleared the plates. I washed my hands. Then brought out the apple pie we picked up at the store for dessert. Oh, it looked so good. Mom said to get out the Cool Whip from the refrigerator. My husband opened the Cool Whip while I dished up four pieces of pie, three dollopped with whipped topping.The pie was not as good as I expected. Store bought, not homemade.

Full and satisfied, we resumed our cribbage game and continued visiting. I noticed some Cool Whip under my fingernail and instinctively licked it. YUCK, it was not whipped topping… but good old Ivory soap. Not very tasty but we had a good laugh and a family memory. “Remember the time you ate soap?”

4 thoughts on “Delicious to yuck in one lick

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Y’all didn’t figure this out while you were eating the pie and soap topping? Gross but funny. Reminds me of when my family ate worm soup. Mom tried to talk us into taking out the worms and finishing, dad said no way!

    • No, the topping was really Cool Whip. When I washed my hands, I got soap under my fingernail. When I finished eating I assumed it was Cool Whip and gave it a lick.

  2. Oh Stoopid! I just reread the orig post and realized my comprehension skills are nil. I thought someone played a joke and gave you soap insted of coolwhip and you didn’t notice it was soap until you tasted it alone w/out the pie! I am so silly! Hahaha hohoho hehehe!

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